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Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework (XMSF)

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Specific subject areas for XMSF include (a) Web/XML, (b) Internet/networking and (c) modeling & simulation (M&S).

Sourceforge Project Page

The sourceforge.net project page for xmsf is here. CVS and other aspects of the project can be reached via the sourceforge system of web pages.

Extensible Schema-Based Binary Compression (XSBC)

Extensible Schema-based Binary Compression(XSBC) is a technique for converting XML documents into a binary format that is more compact and faster to parse. It is available for download from sourceforge the Sourceforge downloads page.

A page describing XSBC is here.

Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework

The Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework (XMSF) is defined as a set of Web-based technologies, applied within an extensible framework, that enables a new generation of modeling & simulation (M&S) applications to emerge, develop and interoperate. Further information can be found at the web site

The XMSF project page is available at the Sourceforge projects page

Networking and Communications Frameworks

XMSF includes frameworks for networking and communications with Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and other XSBC. A description of the frameworks and how to download them is here.