DIS-Java Download

DIS-Java is discussed here.

Downloading Pre-Compiled Packages

A list of all the pre-compiled XMSF packages on Sourceforge is available here.

A pre-compiled package with the source code and jars is available for download here.

Obtaining Code From CVS

There are several ways to download the latest code from the CVS repository.

To download the code anonymously using command line tools see this description.

WinCVS is a dedicated GUI interface to CVS. Instructions for setting up WinCVS or MacCVS for read/write access to the CVS repository are here. Note that you do not need read/write access unless you are adding or modifying the code you check out.

Netbeans, the Sun IDE, has CVS support built into the IDE. Using Windows, PuTTY, and CVS with Netbeans is described here.

Command Line Anonymous Checkout

To anonymously check out the latest code from CVS from the command line:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@xmsf.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xmsf co -P disjava

WinCVS/MacCVS Checkout

Use the following settings for MacCVS. The WinCVS setup is very similar, though you may need to manually set the location of the private key:

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Netbeans IDE Checkout